In the fast-paced world of research and innovation, valuable knowledge often remains locked away, inaccessible to those who could benefit from it the most. Millions of research models, developed by dedicated academics, remain hidden in forgotten drives within academic institutions worldwide, untapped and waiting for the opportunity to contribute to real-world problem-solving. At the same time, organizations in the private sector spend significant time and resources recreating these very same models, resulting in redundant efforts and substantial financial losses.


But what if there was a way to bridge the gap between academia and industry, unlocking the potential of research models, and enabling seamless collaboration for the advancement of science and technology? This is why we launched Eureka Exchange, the platform that seeks to revolutionize research collaboration and technology transfer.




As an academic researcher, I experienced the all-too-common dilemma faced by countless academics: after dedicating four years to developing advanced models for bio-inspired robots during my PHD research, the models ended up buried in forgotten drives. Despite the potential for valuable insights and industry applications, these research models remained out of reach for other researchers and industry professionals.


Similarly, while working as a technology development leader in large engineering companies, I witnessed the duplication of research efforts, costing millions of dollars and delaying technology development significantly. This inefficient process, particularly evident in creating digital twin models, led to frustration and a call for change.


The Eureka Exchange


After conducting interviews with professors, research directors and executives in academic institutions, we identified the need for a transformative solution that could bridge the gap between academia and industry. This led to the creation of Eureka Exchange, a platform designed to unlock the immense potential of research models and streamline the transfer of knowledge.

Eureka Exchange addresses two critical needs:


1. Seamless Transition of Research Models: Eureka Exchange enables the smooth transition of groundbreaking research models from academia to the private sector, offering industry direct access to valuable research insights to solve challenging problems.


2. Empowering Academic Institutions and Industry: Academic institutions can now centralize the sharing and monetization of their research models, creating a new source of revenue. On the other hand, the private sector gains direct access to the models they need, saving time and resources.


We are currently working on our beta version, with release date planned for September 29, 2023.


Our Vision for the Future


Eureka Exchange aims to transform the way research collaboration and technology transfer occur. We are currently partnering with with professors, directors of research groups, and technology transfer executives in academic institutions, to create a shared vision for the future. We call upon academic institutions and industry leaders to join the collaborative movement and reshape the future of technology transfer. By democratizing access to research models through our platform, we envisions a world where innovation thrives, challenges are overcome, and society's most pressing problems are resolved.


With Eureka Exchange, the potential of research models is no longer confined to forgotten drives but democratized to inspire groundbreaking discoveries and fuel technological advancements. Together, we can rewrite the script of technology transfer and pave the way for new solutions.

Unlocking the Potential of Research Models: Introducing Eureka Exchange
Uyiosa Abusomwan
Founder, Eureka Exchange