Bridging the gap between academia & industry

Accelerating technology transfer to solve critical challenges

Unlocking research models

Every day, models are developed in academic institutions across the world and stored in local drives even though they could be useful to other researchers and industry. Today, millions of research models are buried on drives and inaccessible to industry. 

Accelerating Innovation

Research and technology development teams in industry and private sectors are recreating these same models to solve technical problems. Hundreds of millions of dollars are wasted and delays in technology development.

A Billion-Dollar Opportunity

With a projected market size of engineering research and development services of $434 billion, and digital twins at $48 billion; The market demand for models is immense! By tapping into this market, we disrupt two different industries (academia and public & private sectors) and are creating the go-to platform for research collaboration and technology transfer.

Our Solution.

At Eureka Exchange, we believe that collaboration holds the key to solving society's most pressing challenges and we are creating solutions to support this mission. We created a platform that provides a centralized solution for academic institutions to store, share and monetize their research models, opening a new revenue stream. Companies in the private sector can then gain direct access to these models, saving them time and resources.

Join Our Mission.

Our team brings together a combined 40+ years of industry and research experience, with expertise in digital transformation, modeling & simulation, and process management.

We are looking for Professors, directors of research groups, and technology transfer executives in academic institutions who would like to join us to transform the way research collaboration and technology transfer occurs.